Four Sisters Vineyard

Our Four Sisters Vineyard is two beautiful acres hidden on Howell Mountain located 1,600 feet above the Napa Valley floor. We acquired this unique property in 2003 and rehabbed the vines for two years before our first harvest in 2005. Our vineyard soil structure is predominately volcanic and moderately rocky allowing for easy drainage and development of Zinfandel fruit with complex characteristics. Due to cooler temperatures during the winter months, our bud break occurs nearly one month after the fruit on the valley floor. Therefore, we harvest in late October to early November. The late harvest, the skin to berry ratio, and ripe flavors are attributes that make Howell Mountain so special. The fruit from Four Sisters Vineyard is one of the few properties on Howell Mountain still planted 100% Zinfandel and provides the fruit for our Dark Matter Zinfandel.